The New Mega Millions Lottery Game Begins October 19th, 2013

Starting on October 19th, 2013, the Mega Millions lottery game is about to undergo some big changes – are you ready?

If you haven’t yet purchased all possible number combinations for the new Mega Millions you can purchase them now by clicking here - NEW Mega Millions all possible number combinations

The basic game will remain the same. That is, to win the jackpot you will still have to match all five numbers selected in the first drawing and the single bonus number selected in the second drawing.  The change is in the primary and bonus drawing number pools.

The pool of numbers for the first drawing will increase from 56 to 75 numbers. The pool of bonus numbers will decrease from 46 to 15.  These changes will make it harder to win the jackpot and most of the lesser prizes, but easier to match the bonus number which essentially gives you a free play.

The possibility of super-sized jackpots appears to be the primary reason for the change. Mega Millions jackpots in the old game format went as high as 600 million. Therefore, with this new game format we may see the first billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot.